3 Great Things I've Realized About DRIVECLUB

I’m gonna be perfectly honest. I didn’t expect DRIVECLUB to hold up so well, and I was one of those gamers that moaned about not getting the PS + edition. To be honest, this should have been off of my wishlist because tuning and customization were nonexistent, but as I played around with the game, I grew accustomed to… » 6/16/15 2:59am 6/16/15 2:59am

Grand Prix Circuit - Pixellated Sparks around Monte Carlo

Accolade’s 1988 hit, Grand Prix Circuit was the paramount of all 8-bit Formula 1 games as said hardware systems reached their climax before the 16-bit generation struck down. Here’s how it went. » 5/04/15 3:12pm 5/04/15 3:12pm