Get yourself a free Race07/GTR Evolution key for steam

We're finishing our five-week, million-key giveaway bonanza with the fastest game of the bunch. Grab yourself a free Steam key and blast off into the sunset with a copy of GTR Evolution, the expansion to the lauded Race 07, which is also included in this week's free bundle. GTR Evo gives you a selection of 49 GT…

» 7/23/14 6:04pm 7/23/14 6:04pm

Russian developers revive Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit

What is Russia well known for? On Jalopnik, it's dash cam craziness. But apart from horses/jets/boats/BMW-douches crashing/missing/overrunning a chimp/babuschka/cop/Putin, Russia has produced some of the world's best mathematicians. A skill very useful for programming. At least that's what I'm told - I have no idea… » 7/23/14 8:00am 7/23/14 8:00am

Next Car Game: Early Access Look

About seven years ago, I picked up Bugbear Entertainment's Flatout 2 on a whim after eying it for a few months at my local game store. It promised racing (my favorite!) but also action (not my favorite, particularly in conjunction with racing.) It also featured exactly zero seatbelts and furthermore, promised to… » 7/21/14 6:27pm 7/21/14 6:27pm

What a racing simulator is and isn't

It is obvious around Oppo that I'm heavily invested in sim racing. In a lot of ways it, in my mind, is a form of motorsport competition. While I really may have no idea how close the physics are to reality or if my driving style would translate to the real world there is one thing I'm confident sim racing teaches… » 7/17/14 11:14am 7/17/14 11:14am

Car Tech: Should Car Tech Really Simulated in Video Game?

Over the years, we saw some cars equipped by fancy technology, depends on what the car was designed for. And this raise a question: Should all those tech simulated in racing sim? » 7/15/14 5:22pm 7/15/14 5:22pm

Digital Burnout the Game: Modifications

So this is the next questionnaire post for Digital Burnout the Game. Where we, as a community, try to define our perfect racing game. There is no wrong answer here, simple state your thoughts and ideas. Here is the Game Design Document, and here is last weeks question. » 7/10/14 12:12pm 7/10/14 12:12pm

Digital Burnouts: Feedback

So I usually have a game talk today, but I'm shirking that responsibility. I had a really messed up weekend that caught me off guard, so I had nothing really preplanned for today's post. Instead, I came up with a great idea that doesn't require too much thinking on my behalf. » 7/08/14 11:06am 7/08/14 11:06am

How much Level of Detail is really necessary in racing games?

First of all: I am not a console guy, nor am I one of the 9Gag populating "PC Master Race!!!1!11" trolls. I just prefer PC gaming for various reasons, modding being the prime example (more on that in another article). But what I really enjoyed is the battle between Gran Turismo and Forza. Both franchises had to… » 7/07/14 9:15am 7/07/14 9:15am