THE BIG BASH!  Final Fourza (FM4) race series blowout.

A few weeks ago I threw out this idea about finishing up all the current Oppolock Fourza racing series with a big multi-race blowout on FM4. Finish up FM4 properly with some old Oppolock friends who have not gone to XBOne just yet. Afterwards, those of us with FM6 will keep up the tradition next year. »Thursday 4:36pm11/26/15 4:36pm

[pCars] Track Pack DLC! Rouen Les Essarts, Historic Spa + Hockenheim + Silverstone

Yup, it’s finally here! While I’m sure the majority of the community would have rather preferred either more modern tracks (cough Mosport cough Circuit Gilles Villeneuve cough) or ovals, the fact that there is even a track pack to begin with shows that SMS is slowly moving in the right direction (although they did… »Tuesday 10:00am11/24/15 10:00am

Oppositelock Classic Roadsters Series Round 6 Post-Race and Pics

Well unfortunately, I don’t have anything in the way of decent pics to post, because the replay didn’t save right (the above image is the extent of what happened according to the replay). Fucking brilliant job, Turn 10. Five stars. (I should’ve streamed it...) If anyone else happened to save the replay and had better… »11/15/15 3:12pm11/15/15 3:12pm