First, welcome to all our new console players! This season ended just in time to start a fresh one with all the new players.

Here’s how last season finished up. Congrats to Grampa_Jenkins!

Rank Name Points
1 Grampa_Jenkins 68
2 henchman 21 52
3 meyeracer06 48
4 |VOWS| McSmokes 30
5 samsonite94 22
6 chris.kelley.fairbanks 10
7 fabryrally 8

Now, since we have all these new cars, I want to feature them. First up will be 60s featuring the lovely Alpine A110. We shall race... in Sweden!

Next, classic rallycross!


Finally, some 80s action with the new R5 Turbo!

Each event lasts two weeks. Good luck!…