So recently I decided to dust of a bunch of old games I had lying around to see how well they have aged. One of them was the original Test Drive Unlimited (PS2 version, FUCK YOUR ELITISM I DIDN’T HAVE AN X360 OR A DECENT PC AT THE TIME). I decided to do a full playthrough because the games tend to be a lot shorter than the first time I played them (except GTA San Andreas, that one is still a pain in the ass on a DS2 without cheats). Those who played TDU1 will probably know that later in the game there is an open championship (my definition of that being that all races are accessible in no particular order, which is nice, because all of those races are stupid long) called Il Viaggio Grande. The reward for completing all races is that you win all garages on Oahu. However when I fired the game up today to do some of the SP club races I noticed that I apparently didn’t get my prize, because all garages the map showed were the ones I bought previously to store the cars one collects over time (3 garages with 8 spaces each, for a total of 24 garages spaces). Oddly enough, I can still buy as much cars as I like, which leaves the question: WHERE ON EARTH DO THESE CARS GET STORED???

MultiplaOrgasms™ is some dude who plays racing games in his leisure time. He is one of the idiots who did the 24 Hours of Nürburgring on Gran Turismo 4 all by himself without knowing that one can also use B-Spec and do something more important. Because of that extraordinary commitment and skill he got kicked from several online lobbies for no reason.