Safety Multipla.

Here is how it works: I kinda grew up with video games, I love cars, therefore I play racing games and games including other means of transportation. And it all started with my dad buying a Mac version of 4x4 Evo 2 way back in 2002. At a later point he gave me a PS2 with Gran Turismo 4 and here I am today. I have been a fairly big GT fanboi for a couple years, not so much since GT6. I bought that game anyways, which brings me to my first DB project:


As the GT6 players will know there recently was an update for GT6 including the 2014 NISMO GT-R and the new 27km Circuit de la Sierra track. The NISMO GT-R is known as one of the fastest cars on a track that money can buy, so I decided to try a little mass review/comparison between the GT-R and ten rival Supercars. You can expect lots of my raw photomode work, PS3 textures and NSFH vacuum cleaners. It will probably be split in three parts. You can also expect lots of Kei car hoonage after that......