Guess what? Replay didn’t work properly again. And on top of that, the replay for race 7 decided to stop working correctly for some reason! So no action pics from that race, I’m afraid. Seriously, what the fuck are those guys doing?

Anyways, the final race was a bit of a last-minute reschedule back to Saturday after new info from Eric and his Fourza sendoff race. So...yeah. I apologize to those who had planned to attend, but were instead out and doing other things because they thought the race was tomorrow.


We had a great turnout for the final race at the ring, though, with even a couple people who hadn’t been in the series before. It was a challenging race on the new Forza 6 Nurburgring, but it was a lot of fun.

Lesson of the day: tire walls are not your friends.

So, with all that, here are the results from the final race:

1st (16pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te), 1958 Aston Martin DBR1

2nd (15pts) - flyboyJRK (flyboyJRK), 1953 Chevrolet Corvette C1

3rd (14pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45), 1960 Chevrolet Corvette C1

4th (13pts) - GoatBird (Rainbow), 1956 Jaguar D-Type

5th (12pts) - fourvalleys (howdy there), 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

6th (11pts) - AutoFixation (Parlock3), 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

7th (10pts) - Chris_K_F (MyName1sNobody), 1953 Ferrari 500 Mondial


And now, the final standings:

T14th (10pts) - Weebor (Weebor)/TheVancen (IXII Wrath IIXI)/AutoFixation (Parlock3)

T13th (11pts) - mattbob (mattbob1294)/TheCowmaster (TheCowmaster934)

12th (14pts) - ly2v8-Brian (Kampfmesser)

11th (24pts) - Chris_K_F (MyName1sNobody)

10th (31pts) - flyboyJRK (flyboyJRK)

9th (36pts) - fourvalleys (howdy there)

8th (37pts) - Tareim (Tareim)

7th (38pts) - EricisDaywalker (robluvcars1)

6th (39pts) - Tohru (Tohru Rokuno)

5th (46pts) - Rainbow (GoatBird)

4th (66pts) - Corey CC97 (Corey CC97)

3rd (85pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45)

2nd (87pts) - IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift)

And finally...

1st (112pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te)

(well, “yay me” I guess.)

Thank you to everyone who joined in this series. I hope to see you and more in the series to come. If you haven’t already please vote for the next series in the series voting thread. Voting ends January 3rd at midnight. Or heck, if you wanna run your own series, feel free to go nuts, coordinate with everyone else, and try doing that too.

Thanks again, Happy Holidays, and have a safe and Happy New Year!