This race was awesome. Congratulations to SVTyler on his Pro Class victory and to Kchrpm for winning the Am class. To run 2 hours and 11 minutes cleanly with no cautions is a great way to race. For me personally it wasn’t great since my best recovery drive I have ever had resulted in contact that was all my fault and a destroyed front end of my Porsche. However, it sounded like there was a lot of strategy and good battling up and down the field.

1st Place Overall, 1st Place Pro Class: Mackleroy45

2nd Place Overall, 2nd Place Pro Class: Darkzer24

3rd Place Overall, 3rd Place Pro Class: DrChairPHD

4th Place Overall, 4th Place Pro Class: CoreyCC97

5th Place Overall, 5th Place Pro Class: Floodman11

6th Place Overall, 6th place Pro Class: FlyboyJRK

7th Place Overall, 1st Place Am Class: Kchrpm

8th Place Overall, 2nd Place Am Class: X Mr Plankton X

9th Place Overall, 3rd Place Am Class: NevadaHotDice

10th Place Overall, 4th place Am Class: Justthetipin1

11th Place Overall, 5th Place Am Class: TheCowmaster934

12th Place Overall, 6th Place Am Class: Capirossi22

13th Overall, 7th Place Am Class: kiwichris1709

DNF Pro Class: VVV DJT R

As far as standings go, the full list is here

but for easy digestion, 1st place Pro is Mackleroy45 with 43 points followed by DrChairPHD with 40 points and Darkzer24 in third with 19 points. The Am class is lead by NevadaHotDice with 14 points followed by Nichpsu with 10 points and Kchrpm in third with 6 points. As far as manufacturers go, Dodge leads with 45 points, followed by Mercedes with 37 points and Ferrari in third with 29 points.

Now for some more pictures!!

The field led by VVV DJT R rolls down the hill towards the green flag
Mad scramble for position after turn 1. Also can’t tell if that is a 96 or 98. I really hope it is a 98 like it should be.
The leaders crest the hill headed into turn 2
Down through the Esses
Heavy Braking into turn 10a
Darkzer24 on two wheels racing hard.
Mixed classes in the Esses.
Most of the Am class battling for position
FlyboyJRK spins in turn 12, Capirossi realizes he is screwed
I guess downforce and looking behind is no longer necessary...