Sooo yeah...I’m getting the feeling that Mount Panorama isn’t a very enjoyed track. Welp…
Special thanks to Chewbakkah, Mr Plankton, and Higu for streaming the race!

I hope everyone had fun this series. I know it’s kind of frustrating to participate in a series where there’s team-based points involved and there’s the running risk that your partner may not show up much, or at all. But the reason I tried including teams in this was to not only add a different element to the normal races we had been doing before, but also to foster teamwork between members of the Jalopnik/Oppo community (quite possibly those you many not have really socialized with before), and for everyone learn from each other and improve themselves overall. And I hope that everyone grew as part of this series.


Between dontbethatguy and myself, we developed the setup for our car. He managed to find the combinations of parts to provide the best power and stay within the PI limits, while I drove and tuned and tweaked the setup to fit each track. (BTW, if you want to see the build used for Bathurst, it’s here). We also spent time learning off of each other’s driving lines and habits. I hope everyone else got to work the same way.

Anyways, with all that said, here are the results from the final race:

RACE RESULTS (tl;dr spreadsheet link):

1st (24 pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te), Mercedes-Benz A Class

2nd (23 pts) - Chewbakkah (chewbakkah), Volvo S60

3rd (22 pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45), BMW 125i

4th (21 pts) - dontbethatguy (th4tjoshguy), Mercedes-Benz A Class

5th (20 pts) - citizennick (i race goats), Volvo S60

6th (19pts) - nich (nichpsu), BMW 125i

7th (18 pts) - Mr Plankton (X Mr Plankton X), BMW 125i

8th (17 pts) - Corey CC97 (Corey CC97), Audi S3

9th (16 pts) - Higu (Higu1), Mercedes-Benz A Class

10th (15 pts) - FlyBoyJRK (flyboyJRK), BMW 125i

11th (14 pts) - IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift), BMW 125i

12th (13 pts) - TheCowmaster (TheCowmaster934), BMW 125i


*muffled noises of protest* Get off me!!!

And now, the final standings, starting with the winning teams:



10th (39pts) - Team VTEC Yo! (TheHondaBro, Tareim)

9th (42pts) - TEAM SWEG (James reks skrubs, Viggen)

8th (64pts) - Team Corey CC97-Thomas Donohue (Corey CC97, Thomas Donohue)

7th (74pts) - Team Milfhunter (Higu, Nick)

6th (96pts) - TRD (Mr Plankton, EricisDaywalker)

5th (127pts) - Raptor Motorsports (TheCowmaster, FlyBoyJRK)

4th (174pts) - Taylor Swift Racing Team (nich, IDDaVo)

3rd (210pts) - MackLock Motorsports (SVTyler, AutoFixation)

2nd (240pts) - Team Wishful Thinking (RoboRed, dontbethatguy)


1st (248pts) - PurX Racing (Chewbakkah, citizennick)

Congrats, PurX Racing, on winning the Team Championship against all odds!

And now for the Drivers’ Championship…


21st (11pts) - James reks skrubs (sweggitup)

20th (12pts) - TheHondaBro (WWaveForm)

T18th (13pts) - Thomas Donohue (tomonomics)

T18th (13pts) - EricisDaywalker (robluvcars1)

17th (15pts) - Nick, Drives a Cobalt LT (Tox1cFarts)

16th (17pts) - (SLUBETUBE)

15th (27pts) - Tareim (Tareim)

14th (31pts) - Viggen (JA 37 Viggen)

13th (51pts) - Corey CC97 (Corey CC97)

12th (58pts) - TheCowmaster (TheCowmaster934)

11th (60pts) - Higu (Higu1)

10th (69pts) - FlyBoyJRK (flyboyJRK)

9th (72pts) - IDDaVo (FearlessTSwift)

8th (83pts) - Mr Plankton (X Mr Plankton X)

7th (85pts) - AutoFixation (Parlock3)

6th (102pts) - nich (nichpsu)

5th (105pts) - dontbethatguy (th4tjoshguy)

T3rd (124pts) - Chewbakkah (chewbakkah)

T3rd (124pts) - citizennick (i race goats)

2nd (133pts) - SVTyler (mackleroy45)


1st (135pts) - RoboRed (RoboRedMdn1te)

Thank you again to everyone who joined in this series. I hope to see you and more new racers in series to come. I’ll be backing off running series for the next few months while Chewbakkah/citizennick and Viggen run their POS Racing spec series and V8 Supercars series respectively, but I’ll be back with another set of series up for vote after then.

Live long and burn rubber.