So the final round is upon us. There are three dates that I am looking at using. June 3rd is the first date and the one I would most like to use. The second is June 10th and the third date is June 24th. I should know by middle of may which date will work with my schedule but I plan to run it as early as possible because the first round of season two should be not too long after in July to keep up with the schedule. I will have some important notes for that and some discussions amongst those of you who participate.

An important note for this race is as follows; because of the length of the track and other factors, THERE WILL BE NO CAUTIONS. Damage will be set to fuel and tires and unless I get information that makes me rethink it, there will be a lap count of 17 for this race. No mandatory pitstops either. Because there are no cautions, if you are involved in an incident, you will be expected to wait for the other car to get going again and be in the same position as before. This means if they were behind you, you have to wait for them but can still be in front of them when you get going and vice versa.

In addition anyone that has not yet participated and would like to, like the FM4 guys I have invited, may choose to race in a Spec BMW M235i that I have built. The build will be added to the sheet here.

Number boards have also been updated again, one for GT3 Pro, one for GT3 Am and a TC plate for the BMW’s. There are now also pro and am individual layer groups for use on the rear bumpers of all cars.

As far as the championship goes, DrChairPHd has chosen to once again forfeit his finishing position from last race to change cars again. This gives the Pro Class Championship to /u/TheDragonaut whether he shows up or not. /U/MJDiAmore will win the Am Class Championship merely by showing up. For the future, DrChairPHD type situations will not be happening in season 2 because it’s boring but that will be part of the Season 2 post. This however means that this race is purely for the glory of being the best GT racer on the Ring. It should be chaotic and loads of fun. I hope to see you all there.