Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing
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2 Hours of Dubai - Saturday April 22nd at 1pm EST - Project Cars

We are less than a week out from the race!!! Hope you have been able to get some laps in and maybe start your strategy. I have moved the in game race date to December 25, 2012 because I can and wanted lower temperatures. I may also make it cloudy. Maybe. And I have moved it to 10x progression. All aston gt4 entries are filled as are both entries for the Audi R8, BMW Z4, and Mercedes AMG. Crazyman will need to move to his second choice of the Boss 302R. I will likely open the lobby at 12pm EST with an hour long practice session. This will mean that the 30 minute Qualifying will kick off at 1pm EST automatically and the race will start at 1:30pm EST automatically. Remember you can join the session at any time up to 5 or so minutes before the race at which point it will stop allowing invites to work. Since it will be a closed session, you must send the invite through the in game function or you cannot join. Its not ideal but its the best that can be done on console. Assists will be set to real so if your car has ABS/TC, you’ll have it. If not... that sucks... This race really does have great potential due to the fact that there are a lot of different possible strategies and the usual forza order of skill is slightly different here. We will have cautions if two cars make contact leave the racing surface and are damaged to the point where they are struggling to drive. A caution may be called if a car has a serious enough solo accident to where they are struggling to drive. When a caution is called, all cars will maintain pace until the final corner which the leader will exit at 60 mph. Everyone will continue at pace until they form up on the leader. This includes the GT4 cars. They will continue to circulate at pace until they get behind the GT4 leader in the queue. This means if a GT4 car catches the GT3's behind the GT3 leader and the GT4 leader is there, they may keep going. GT3 cars will take the restart ahead of the GT4's. The restart will occur 1 lap after the leader slows to 60 mph and will occur at the leaders discretion between the apex of the final corner and the start finish line. If they do not accelerate before the start finish line P2 may call green.
Lastly and most importantly, remember that this is for fun. Please still race even if you might not be the fastest car out there or spin a lot because caution likelihood is high and other people will also likely have issues. I hope to see everyone there!


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