I’m gonna be perfectly honest. I didn’t expect DRIVECLUB to hold up so well, and I was one of those gamers that moaned about not getting the PS + edition. To be honest, this should have been off of my wishlist because tuning and customization were nonexistent, but as I played around with the game, I grew accustomed to the culture and its themes. I realized that the game was extremely challenging and fun, and while the launch was catastrophically terrible, developers Evolution Studios went above and beyond to create an addictive driving game. DRIVECLUB delivers.

1. DRIVECLUB is extremely gorgeous!

If you want to give your friend a reason to purchase a PlayStation 4, show them this game. After the dynamic weather update (added earlier this year), DRIVECLUB looked STUNNING. This is totally subjective (as most articles are) but GT6, Forza, and even Project CARS couldn’t hold a candle to the beauty that is this game. The cars, atmosphere, and even fictional tracks were modeled with extreme care, and every leaf jostles in the wind.

The rain is RIDICULOUS, and I’ve never seen anything like it in a game. Lightning lights up the night sky, the droplets of rain turn your tires into skates as you constantly hydroplane and get a grip of the course. The water moves on your windshield against the wipers like a real car would, and it truly feels next gen.

2. The online component is WAY better now.


I’m not going to sugar coat it: DRIVECLUB’s launch was horrible, and it was sad seeing it happen to the guys who made Motorstorm. Nothing social worked, and the game was already difficult to play, but Evolution Studios stuck to fixing many of the netcode issues that plagued the game.

In that time, they’ve added replays for single and multiplayer, a slightly revised drifting mode, a proper photo mode, and bunch of other great things. Multiplayer races are still a destruction derby crash fest, but that’s more of the players fault more than the Evolution Studios.


3. The car selection (while small) is still VERY diverse!

While this game has fewer cars than your average racer, I bet they don’t have cars like the Icona Vulcano, or the Renault Twin’Run, or even the Peugeot Onyx concept. DRIVECLUB has the most electric cars I have ever seen in a game, like the SLS AMG Electric Drive and the Rimac Automobili, plus no two cars in this game drive the same. All of the iconic Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, Aston Martins, BMWs, and even a goddamn Spyker is thrown into the mix (Except for Porsche, but hey we have RUF right!?).


There is even a buggy from the OG Motorstorm game called the Wombat that has boost. BOOST!


Evolution has also done a great job with DLC, mainly with adding a mix of free and paid content that added a lot, like new single player tours, liveries, and extra cars! There also recently announced that the Nissan GTR will be in the game! Before that, there were no Japanese cars in the game at all.

Final Words

DRIVECLUB surprised me. I play this more than I play Destiny nowadays, and I play a ton of Destiny! The racing is frantic and fun, but the learning curve is not terribly steep. I will say that you will need to work for those wins, especially in multiplayer however, and make sure you pick a car that fits your play style. Join a club too, so you can unlock more cars like the Pagani Zonda R and the BAC Mono. See you guys on the track.