Due to a scheduling conflict that may involve my colleagues and I getting slightly intoxicated in the name of Christmas, Team Plankton will be unable to attend round twelve of the Opposite Lock Endurance Championship as Virginia International Raceway.

I would like to say a big thank you to everybody i have raced alongside since round two, you have all been incredibly welcoming and it has been a pleasure to race alongside you all.

Special thanks to Corey CC97 (our glorious leader) for his work in organising the series and keeping things running smoothly, especially with the task of Balancing all of the entries. It is clear that alot of work went into this series behind the scenes and it is far too easy to take for granted.

RoboRedMdn1te in the Matech Ford GT


Further commendations go to RoboRedMdn1te, for being my biggest rival for the season. We have had some spectacular battles throughout the season and you have certainly made me up my game in terms of tuning.

Thank you all again for an awesome season and i’m bummed that i cant make the final race. Good luck to all that take part.

See you in 2017