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ANOTHER COW FUN ONE OFF!! ALMS Throwback to 2011 at Sebring - Saturday December 23 or 30 at 8pm EST

So I realized the other day, we have all of the GT2 spec cars that raced in ALMS in 2011. I had the idea that we could do a one off endurance race at Sebring with a 3 class structure. LMP1, PC and GT2. LMP1 would be the R15++ and the 908. PC is the PC class and GT2 is the 911 RSR, C6.R, 458 (2011), SRT Viper (2011), BMW M3. The goal is to have people run historic liveries on the GT2 (such as Flying Lizard Porsches and if someone is ballsy, ESM ferrari’s and the others in their factory colors) and LMP1 cars and have them be run in pairs so we can have a driver and Manufacturer winner. We would run to RIGTC caution rules and the race length will be poll determined. The poll is just to gauge interest and decide date and length, although I will dictate car choice on first come first served through that if necessary. I am going to limit the LMP1 class to a max of 6 cars, 3 from each manufacturer unless I am forced to dissolve one of the two prototype classes. I am also heavily encouraging although not requiring the 2 car GT2 teams(although a Falken Porsche seems criminal not to include), I really would love to see a massive factory fight like the old days. I’ll update builds as soon as possible. Here is the signup sheet.

I really would love to have a good turnout for this. I think this has a ton of fun potential and I would really love to see it get off the ground and have a great race.


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