Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing
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Anyone distressed or disappointed about the sorry state of Project Cars? Years of delays, distribution by Bandai Namco (who are known for niche Japanese titles and second-rate games, e.g. Soul Caliber retreads) are the high-level items, but even the small stuff like lack of a special edition, (signifying an out-the-door release?) no consistent console build for the press nor a non-backer demo to get your hands on, make it seem like this thing might either get a mediocre release like Drive Club, or be scuttled altogether.

On the flipside: is there any particular reason I should/shouldn't buy the ultimate edition of NFS Rivals on the XBone for $15? I've been intrigued and the slash-and-burn sales like this usually draw me in. Some people have said it's just a weak/broken game though.


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