News for Assetto Corsa has been fairly quiet recently, but not until news posted on Friday broke the silence on the game's Facebook page.

Kunos, the developers of AC, state the upcoming 1.0 release for Assetto Corsa will contain a variety of vehicles and improvements included in this upcoming release.

Notable improvements include realtime damage to the body, powertrain, tires and suspension, animated pitcrews (currently only implemented in multiplayer due to AI strategy being incomplete).

The graphics engine has been improved with various post-processing effects, and has given various presets, as seen below, making custom presets is also easy. Oculus Rift DK2 support is also included.

Sounds are also improved, and are hopefully are more immersive.


A community-made Shelby Cobra mod will be officially released by Kunos as free DLC shortly after official release. An earlier version is available on the community forum.

The new vehicles included in this version are the Lotus 2-11 GT4, Lotus Exige S, Lotus Evora GTE, Ferrari 458 GT2, Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3, and lastly, the Ferrari LaFerrari, with an advanced simulation for its hybrid system.


Two new tracks are Silverstone National, and SPA-Francorchamps. Ever wanted to tear down Eau Rouge in a LaFerrari? Well, now you can!