Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing

Assetto Corsa: Porsche Pack III

Racecar edition!

Man the GT3 Cup drives so well. Coming from the GT4 Clubspot (PB 1:58.420), the Cup is a bit more lively and likes to move around a lot more in the corners. The front end is very noticeably lighter and the braking is much more sensitive than the Cayman, but the power output is very similar (though obviously there is more judging by the laptimes). Both are on hard slicks with the default setup, but the Cup manages the 4.69 KM lap in 1:50.199 (for now), besting the Cayman by 8 seconds.

Here’s the Cayman GT4 Clubsport lap for reference.

The GT3-R is a bit more of a fire breathing dragon. A lot more difficult to extract all of the performance, but the aero and braking is worlds different from the Cup. Power gets a nice bump as well but you have to be very careful with all your inputs to get a good lap in. Its incredibly harsh on cold tires, and without really trying I managed to match the cup at a 1:50. There’s definitely more time on the table for sure, but thats something for another day.

The GT3 RSR is delayed until January.


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