Kunos Simulazione has released modding tools and a new release for Assetto Corsa in early access on Friday.

Give a month, an a lot of high-quality mods will pop up, The AC community have been determined to bring plenty of mods to the table.


Version 0.20

  • New setting enables forms to overlap ingame
  • Fix to some cars in showroom
  • Fixed debug apps
  • Improved log messages for easier debug
  • Improvements in skybox rendering inside the cubemap
  • Added penalty in time attack for going too slow
  • Fixed Time Attack spawn position in some tracks
  • Added Formula K car with open physics as a template car for modders (found inside folder sdk/dev)
  • Added open tyre physics files from all AC cars (found inside folder sdk/dev/tyres_ac) as examples
  • BMW Z4 GT3 performance balance (slightly faster)
  • Corrected non working mirrors on Lotus Exige 240r
  • Corrected non working mirrors on Lotus Exige S Roadster
  • Corrected disappearing cockpit on M3 E92
  • Corrected wrong proportions on Ferrari 458 mirrors
  • Corrected internal glasses on lotus GTC and GX
  • Fixed Python lap count- Increased Setup bar animation speed
  • Fixed error for laptimes > 99:59:999
  • New Shared Memory Layout (update your application!) example on http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.ph…- Fixed non-ascii symbols on Setup Tab
  • Fixed time left showed in Basic App during practice solo session