As BeamNG prepare to roll out a new update next week, here's a few things to expect:

Game Fixes:

New user interface - App based, similar to Assetto Corsa.

Optimization (up to 25% performance improvement on physics calculations),

Image banding reduced, normals maps fixed after updating to new Torque3D version.

Shadow culling to improve framerate

Game no longer crashes to desktop after changing settings.

New Vehicles:


Ibishu Pigeon (3 wheeled kei truck) included in this update. Civetta Bolide to have two variants, 320 and 390 GTR. Sport and Drift Missile variants for D series (pickup) and H series (van) and Grand Marshall. Gavril T75 truck to come at a later update.

New parts:


Ibishu Covet (sport trim and roll cage), Engine tuning for Gavril I6 and V8 engines, [Stage 1 (270 HP) Stage 2 (420 HP)] Steelies for D Series, added 5-speed manual transmission to D Series and Grand Marshal, Welded diff for D series, H series and Grand Marshall. Custom decals now can be printed on H Series vans.

Vehicle Fixes:


Improved shift points on automatic transmissions, can be shifted in a "P-R-N-D-2-1" pattern

Revised torque curves for Gavril I6 and V8 engines (230 hp for the standard V8)

Fix for brake lights only coming on at >50%. All gauges now glow when the engine is running, re-calibrated car speedometers. Lights no longer flicker.


Various tweaks, fixes, and improvements to all vehicles, revised part weights, new default colours.

Terrain Updates:


Terrains revamped, (Improved road materials, textures, roads, terrain, lighting, sun flare, skybox, new and improved objects, vegetation, new menu images) Gravity can be altered on the fly via the editor.

New map, based on east coast of USA, release may come later.

[Sources and images from here] [view countdown here]