Welcome to Burnout Soundtracks, where i tried to liven up this blog a bit by sharing some music and screenshot from a racing video game. Sometimes it takes a good music to make a perfect lap, right?

There's a new trend in a racing video game. Arcade or not, it'll feature an electronic music and sometimes electric cars as well. A perfect example of this would be the Tesla Roadster, that comes with this song in Need For Speed: Most Wanted. While i fully know the new Most Wanted is not as good as the old one, but i like the musics. I don't know, Need For Speed always have a good soundtracks to play.

And dear god i love the Tesla Roadster. It's the best electric car in the world, really. No matter what game you play, the you should try the Tesla Roadster. Although i kinda wish it has higher topspeed, but that acceleration is just awesome.