Over the years, we saw some cars equipped by fancy technology, depends on what the car was designed for. And this raise a question: Should all those tech simulated in racing sim?

Recently we're talking about unnecessary details in racing sim. But, the details on some game actually matters. For example, Citroen C5 comes with active suspension in real life, to keep the car level when it's corners. But actually, if you look really closely in Gran Turismo, the C5 actually comes with active suspension as well just like in real life. Take a look at this demo video for example, you can see the car corners very level at all times:


Another example, Honda CRZ in Gran Turismo came with Regenerative Brakes. If you wonder what is the regenerative brake was, regenerative brake is some kind of brake that generates electric energy that used to charge the batteries. The simplest way to find out is take the CRZ to laguna seca, and brakes very hard in the first corner and you'll see the electric charge meter charging up. That's neat!

Why i bring this up? I kinda wish some cars in racing games comes with all the tech, just like the real cars, and you got a chance to disable them as well. For example, Porsche 918 with actual boost. Or S-Class with Magic Body Control and Radar Cruise Control. It might be useless, or maybe makes the car slower. But that makes the game a bit more realistic and maybe become even more fun.


But in the other hand, that will makes the game quite heavy. GT5 weighs about 19.5GB worth of data. Imagine if polyphony include all of them, how big the game would be?

So, what do you think?