Rubbing is Racing

CSR Classics For iPhone Is Like Tamagotchi For Gearheads

CSR Classics is billed as a smartphone racing game, but the actual racing gets old quick. What keeps you hooked is the care and cultivation of your classic sports car, which gets prettier the more you play.


Competition takes place in the form of push-to-shift drag racing. While the graphics are beautiful, there isn't much to it.

But what the game lacks in technical driving, it makes up for in aesthetic appeal and selection of old-school iron.

So far there are twelve automakers represented, and since I started playing yesterday I've got my digital Mini 1275 S from humble rust-bucket beginnings to concourse condition! Saving up for the BMW 2002 next, even though they call it a "tii", have a "turbo" badge on the back, and feature front-and-rear bumpers from two different eras (sigh).


So the game's not perfect, but it is free. If you're looking for a hold-over while you save up for your project car, or it's just too darn cold out to turn real wrenches, try CSR Classics as your next procrastination supplement.

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