Rubbing is Racing

CTSC Daytona Post Race

Well the first race wasn’t without incident, however, overall it was a great race with some great battles up and down the field and with quite a few people present for it. Congratulations to Dr BecKx for taking the maiden win. With that win and SrPhloofy’s third place, Porsche has the lead in the manufacturers championship with Nissan in a close second. The rest of the standings are here although I believe the drivers standings are known to everyone at the moment and its only manufacturers points that might be in question. I had a lot of fun with the race despite my comms issue and am very impressed with the fact that everyone made it through turn one without any major wrecks at the start.


I do want to apologize for the mic situation on my end. Im not sure what the issue was, I have used that exact setup before on both Xbox Chat through my laptop and teamspeak. I will work on it and make sure its ready to go for our next race.

Which brings me to my next point, the next race will be October 2nd @5pm EDT at Sebring. I will determine the number of laps in the coming week and have that announced by Friday night. My goal is to make it shorter so be prepared for that. We did a great job of starting right at 5pm and I would love to continue that trend.

I will add more pictures as I have time

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