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CTSC Round 2 - Sebring - Post Race

Before getting to the negative I would like to congratulate DrBeckX for his second win of the series.
Now for the rest of it. To spend the entire first half of the race under caution is not acceptable. There will be penalties applied for the most egregious of the incidents. They will most likely be a drop in final position for worse offenses and I will find an equivalent drive through penalty time for lesser ones and apply it to their final elapsed time and make changes as necessary. I do not want to have to do this but that was ridiculous. Sebring’s turn one was far more open than Daytona’s and we had fewer issues there. Going forward I am making a change to the rules for restarts. The start will still be two wide for now. There can still be a caution after the start but on subsequent restarts there will be a As another change, we will be going on a time based lap period where there cannot be cautions. If there is an incident during the caution free time, the person or people who caused it will be penalized post race. If you cause it and own up to it and take a “drive through” by pitting immediately and allowing the other car or cars to get back ahead of you then there will be no post race calls as you were “penalized” for your actions. As another change, we will be going on a time based green instead of at the line. Everyone will roll at speed and when the final car pulls onto the front straight of the track they will call “Go at X:XX time” which should be 5-10 seconds after when they make that call. Everyone will maintain caution pace until that time appears on the clock. This means internet issues will not cause late calls or mistiming of the start over the voice and everyone knows exactly when to go. This also means I can make calls on jump starts on replay if there are any as I can look at telemetry. If you are concerned about issues with this, many of the cars you could theoretically set first or second gear to max at caution speed (60 mph) so when we are about to start you can be on your limiter at the correct speed and just upshift at the green. On restarts we will also be leaving between 70 and 100 feet each car. This should be easier to deal with turn one and reduce congestion. And one more big reminder in regards to this. If you are going to make a pass, remember you should be in the position to make that pass on the next lap or even later that lap so dive bombing turn one with no warning is not acceptable. Even with warning is still suspect. Lastly, Everyone must have a mic and be connected to Discord or Xbox chat if we have 16 or fewer. NO Exceptions.

I’m sorry that this is coming of as nasty or angry or anything like that, but we had two guys quit because it was so bad. Two guys that are pretty decent and really enjoy a good race. It cannot happen again. I want to be able to enjoy my own series and when that stuff happens I cannot. Please understand that if a genuine racing incident or just flat mistake alone that turns into a multi-car incident happens that I understand that shit happens and that is okay. I cant get upset about that. It is just when something happens that is due to being too aggressive. And I know none of us are professionals so mistakes will happen but it should not be repeated avoidable incidents.

I welcome any discussion of the above points and any potential helpful changes. I also am fine with discussion of any incidents as long as it is CIVIL.


Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is next. Start getting ready for it and hopefully we can have a much better race.

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