Well, this will be far more positive than the last one. Congratulations to DrBecKx on his 3rd win of the season! Congratulations to the rest of the top 5 for making that far more difficult this time!! It was a hard fought race the whole way through. I know I had some fantastic battles both with Dr Chair PHD and with Parlock at the end. It was also CAUTION FREE!!!!! That was even better to see. We had good separation at the green flag and every held it together through turn 1 and it was great from there. Thank you to Whit for being our pace car again for this race even though she only did one lap. Current standings for drivers and manufacturers are updated. In first is DrBecKx and we have a two way tie for second between Darkzer24 and SrPhloofy. In the Manufacturer’s fight, Porsche leads from Nissan with Chevrolet a distant third. Full standings here:

Corkscrew Craziness!!