Round three of the championship is less than a week away. Hopefully we have a better race this go around. A big reminder from me to everyone is record game clips of incidents. I know it can be a hassle sometimes but it makes it so much easier to make calls. On that note, penalties are forth coming but not until after this race. I just do not have time this week. I am using drive through penalties to do this which means I will time the Sebring pit delta and add that time to the end of the drivers overall finishing time. As far as new rules for starts go, you can see them here Please note that turn one at MRLS is very tight and you will need to be very careful. We will use larger spacing between rows but you most likely will need to brake earlier than normal. Even more so everyone needs to be extremely careful entering the corkscrew as it is a twisting brake zone into a first gear corner. If you go onto the dirt with all four wheels i.e cut the corner, you must come to a full stop before reentering the track. If you cause an accident by reentering unsafely then you will be penalized.

If you have any questions about any of this feel free to ask. Good luck and get practicing!!!