I’ll get the pictures up later.

Overall this was a pretty good event. We only had one caution period and the rest was fairly clean (DrBeckX is lucky penalties are for the action not the result), but anyway... Congratulations to X Mr. Plankton X on being the first driver to dethrone DrBeckX and get the win. This however had little effect on the top three in the points, which is still DrBeckX leading, SrPhloofy in second and Darkzer24 in third. Porsche still leads the manufacturers points, with Nissan in second, and Lotus has now Jumped over Chevrolet for third. Full points are here  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bgtbKyZE_YQDnF5mZiLtnvmqzxqDp10OQVu2tbccTD8/edit?usp=sharing