Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing

CTSC Round 5 - Lime Rock Park - Post race

This Race went okay. Attendance was pretty low unfortunately. The opening went okay until we had the communication breakdown. From this point forward we will use Discord no matter what because I do not want to deal with Xbox shitting the bed. Congratulations to Mackleroy45 on his breakthrough victory after coming so close in Round 4. The racing itself was pretty good. I’ll be checking out the replays to get a better look at the two cautions but I’m not sure that anything will come from it.

The top three in the standings remained unchanged from last round with DrBecKx still leading with 165 points followed by SrPhloofy in second with 150 points, and Darkzer24 in third with 142 points. Porsche still leads with 315 points over Nissan in second with 281 points, and Lotus in third with 219 points.


Now for the big news. This applies to everyone that is not in the top 5 in the standings. I am allowing a 1 time change in car choices for the remaining 4 rounds of the championship. The rule limiting cars to 4 entries per manufacturer still applies. Drivers not in the top 5 wishing to keep their car choices have first priority over entries. All others are first come first served and you may respond to this saying you want a car but if you are not there for Round 6, you lose your claim to anyone that is there. Anyone who has not been around for the last round or two lose their priority on keeping their cars if they fail to get in first. If you have stopped because your car was uncompetitive, please give it another shot with a different car. Thats all I have for now, photos will be up soon.

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