My one off specialty Livery for this race.

The next round is this Sunday, with one major change. After a post that came up on Digital burnouts and some testing by me, I have decided to include the McLaren 570s as an option for those not in the top five that wish to switch. Its PI is 768 for quick reference with a 25% power handicap that puts it right in the middle speed wise. Full build is on the sheet. Also, I will allow anyone that does not have the porsche pack to join the lobby and gain last place points for being there at race time even if they cannot race. I will put out a reminder that certain tracks may benefit certain cars. This is especially true of VIR and the Mustang and Camaro. I did do testing for this round of BoP and found it to be generally satisfactory everywhere else and I am doubling down on my promise not to BoP for specific tracks. Neither of those cars was in anyway shape or form suitable for Daytona but I left it the way it was. Any questions feel free to ask. I’m looking forward to this race as I love VIR.