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Digital Burnout the Game: Car Classes

Alright, so this is the next questionnaire post for Digital Burnout: the Game. Where we, as a community, try to define our perfect racing game. There is no wrong answer here, simple state your thoughts and ideas. I also wanted to say, I have the GDD up! Check it out.

And I took the liberty and made a tag line for our imaginary game, hope you like it...

"If you can drive it, you can race it. If you can walk on it, it's a track."

After last weeks question, I figured it would be appropriate to define what pre-set classes should be available in our imaginary game. A class in this game will be defined as "what's allowed", an attribute or property that all vehicles must have to participate in a race . Anything else is restricted.


There can be custom classes, but I'm looking for pre-set classes. Now the purpose of these classes are to determine who has the best time , drift, endurance, etc for that class and category for the leaderboards. For example, who is the quickest out of the 'Soccer Mom' class (with minivans and SUVs in it).

A vehicle can also be in multiple classes. For example, a '70s Corvette can be in the RWD class, the coupe class, and the American-Made class.

The key is to have something unique yet generic enough to encompass multiple vehicles. This is going to be interesting to see what you guys say...

Edit: I forgot to mention! All classes will be divided into stock and modified cars. Thanks for reminding me KnowsAboutCars!

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