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Digital Burnout: the Game

Alright so after the overwhelming responses I got last week, I've decided to do something similar this week but with a twist...we'll be creating our very own ideal game! I figured I should be ambitious and call it "Digital Burnout: the Game" (DBtG).

The concept is this, each week I will ask a question that will relate to our ideal game; whether it be it's content, assets, or gameplay. You guys answer with a response of something you would like to see in a game, or something that you think should be included in the ultimate driving game.


The end goal is to have documentation of everything we as players want in a driving game. Why that? Because we can always say what we did or didn't like in a game for this reason or that, whether it be somewhere on the internet or spoken in person. But how will game developers know what we like in a game? Track us down and ask us? These posts will document our likes and dislikes. Hopefully, in the end, we'll have enough for a GDD (Game Design Document). If you don't like my crazy idea, then just post stuff you'd like to see in a game then.

Understand this though, I can't do this with without the community's help, mainly because it's no fun creating an ideal game on my own. Oppo/Digital Burnout are full of people who know exactly what they want in a driving game, so this is the best place to get a community answer. I'll be making the first post sometime in the next couple of days, while simultaneously creating a GDD to go along with it.

So....questions? Clarification? Thoughts? Insults?

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