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Updated 2014-07-11

This post is the GDD (Game Design Document). With each question I'll put a link here for easy navigation. Note that some definitions and concepts may change over time as the scope of this game narrows. I've taken a few liberties with some items (such as the tag line & story), but they were left 'loosely' defined so interpretation can go anywhere.


Tag line:

If you can drive it, you can race it. If you can walk on it, it's a track.

What it is:

DB the Game is a realistic driving simulation that captures the joys and difficulties of racing in multiple types or races and cars.

Purpose/Aim of the game:

The aim of the game is for car enthusiasts to live out their car dreams; whether it be racing cars, modifying cars, trading cars, etc. What can happen in real life can happen in this game.



Someone at Jalopnik HQ has recently inherited more money than they know what to do with, probably from a rich uncle twice removed. Instead of being selfish and buying every dream car he wants, he decided to be more ambitious with it. He decided to make a racing series, called the "Jalopnik Grand Prix", and let his fellow jaloppers and opponauts have fun...



Types of races


Car Classes

Track Locations




RWD Cars


Off-Road Vehicles


Questions, thoughts, clarification, concern, ideas for future posts? Let's hear them.

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