A portion of the GT Field from Septembers Opposite Lock Endurance race at COTA

***UPDATE 10 Nov 16***
The Club feature is now available for all, Invites have been sent out to all on my friends list but i have probably missed some, feel free to invite people as you wish.

Xbox has recently released a new ‘clubs’ feature, currently only available to Xbox preview members or anybody with the Xbox Beta apps for Windows or Android, but will be rolling out to all Xbox One owners in a future system update.

The clubs will allow people of similar interests to share content on Xbox in a community of like-minded people, as well as making it easier for the participants of series to communicate and add each other. Members of the group can set up parties, play games together and communicate in the group via voice or text chat if they want to. This will also provide a good opportunity to share any content you may have captured during the Endurance Championship or Recently started Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge series. (The sign up sheets are available on their respective links for anyone interested in joining)

As the club names can’t be used twice, i have taken the opportunity to nab the ‘Digital Burnouts’ name before anyone else, Invites will be sent out to all of the people i have from this blog. Alternatively, the club is searchable by the name Digital Burnouts. As the feature is still to be pushed in a system update and still in the beta stages, some people may not see their invites or be able to act on them, but a reminder will be posted when the feature becomes available to all.


More Info courtesy of TrueAchievements: