Oh DLC, you corrupted expansion pack devil spawn.

First some History.

Test Drive Unlimited is a great game and has some great features. In particular the ability to walk about the dealership however this feature had one very cruel component. It would display cars that weren't available to you and I don't just mean non purchased DLC, I'm talking about Store exclusive DLC. For example, TDU came with two Zondas, the hardtop and roadster but only the hardtop was on the disc. The roadster was a Gamestop pre-order DLC. This sucks especially if Gamestop isn't available in your country. Anyway this was my first experience of Pre-order exclusive DLC and guess what I hated it.

Fast forward a generation and it is still here! Forza, Gran Turismo, Grid, DriveClub and Project cars are all doing it.

So people of the internet I beg you don't pre-order racing games, heck tell everyone you know not to pre-order racing games. I'm sure you like many others would like to drive the Ariel Atom in Project Cars but it is locked behind a pre-order bonus which is a shame because the Atom is an awesome car to drive either in the Virtual world or the real one.