Welcome to Secret Burnouts, where i tried to uncover some secrets from the videogame that never made it into production.

Today, i want to talk about Test Drive Unlimited 2 secrets. There's quite a lot of secret inside this game, but let's start with Dubai First.

Before moving to Ibiza, apparently TDU2 originally set in Dubai, but then Atari scraps the idea and all those maps. You can see the traces of the Dubai maps in your TDU2 folder, find file called GamePC.cpr, and decrypt it using this tutorial:

You might think that "Dubai? I Guess there's only a very long straight with huge sand dune there, it's a bit lame so no wonder it got axed."


But, please just look at this road, called Jabel Hafeet:

It's pretty awesome right?


Anyway, let's move to Fuel. If you ever play TDU2 and decide to drive around the island, you'll find a few gas station across Ibiza and Hawaii, but you can't refuel your car. So why this gas stations exist in the first place?

Well, apparently in the very early of TDU2 Development, the devs considering of adding the fuel consumption to the game, to make the game a bit more realistic. But they cancel it because one or another reason. As the result, some cars have a fuel gauge that showing half a tank left like Audi Q7 V12 TDI:


Some have fuel gauge but showing empty like Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI:

And some car has no fuel gauge at all like Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE:


That's a shame, since fuel consumption is a very good feature to add for a racing sim. I mean, sometimes you need to save fuel while racing, just like in real life. Plus sometimes i wonder how much diesel that my Q7 eats everytime i drove that thing hard.

And for the last, we have Lamborghini. The Test Drive Unlimited 1 has Lamborghini, we know this. But in TDU2, Lamborghini has been axed, despite some teaser on the internet suggest that there's a Lamborghini originally planned for TDU2. I think that's because the can't get a license to feature a Lambo in their game.


And i think one of the most valid pics was taken from the eden games current site, where a Lamborghini Gallardo pictured alongside Ferrari F50, Maserati MC12, and Koenigsegg CCX,. None of this car made it to the final game tough. But the garage somehow made it to the game, take a look:


There's still a lot of the TDU2 Secrets that not made it to the final game. But the thing is, these left-out features is what made TDU2 feels a bit unfinished It feels lie it was rushed too quickly to the market, and as the result it becomes a catastrophic failure to the game and the the company themselves. It's sad.