How quickly do you think a BMW 2002 Turbo could make its way around the ‘Ring? If you guessed 7 minutes and 28 seconds, you’d be dead wrong. Well, in real life at least, but this is Digital Burnouts, where you would’ve been right on the money!

974 hp, 687 lb-ft, 2,408 lbs, and all wheel drive in a 40 year old economy car with funny fender flares? Yeah, thanks to Forza we can do that.

I looked through a lot of the other times. I can comfortably say this is the slowest car in the top 5% of Forza 6 ‘Ring times, but it’s still not as hysterical as my sub-8 minute lap in a Land Rover Defender 90.


Also, this is my greatest personal videogame achievement to date. Sub 6 minutes ‘round the ‘Ring (though just barely). And in an F1 car, which is something I will never get to experience, save in racing games.