My preliminary car

Would there be interest in having a night in between Christmas and New Years where we all hopped on forza in our best crap can racers and raced for about 2 hours at various tracks? Or if interest serves, doing it as an hour and a half Lemons race? There will not be any cautions except for the possibility of a competition caution if things get too spread out. The rules would be simple enough, the car would have to start and finish in D-Class. Having race slicks would be banned. Horsepower would be limited to 300 which basically eliminates all of the muscle cars... sorry about that but I really do not want power builds and that is what those cars would be... The 1997 Honda Civic Type R is banned due to being a leaderboard car. Aside from that most of the other leaderboard cars start in E-Class so they are not a problem. Sign up here

I would also entertain the idea of giving the top 5 some points for races and see who “wins the night” keeping in mind however that it is supposed to be just for fun.

There will be a winner for best livery on the night, joke or otherwise (hint: joke liveries encouraged) Edit: Numbers should look taped on please.