I, Chewbakkah, will be hosting a Skype call for our race on Saturday. Please go to RoboRed’s spreadsheet and provide us with your skype name if you wish to be included. This will allow us to call our passes easier for the race. (If you’ve been paying attention, Xbox has been blocking communication for the past two races for most of us)

Please also remember that this is being used for race communication. Fun banter is great, but race information should take priority. Please don’t talk over people giving passing directions. Also, if your surroundings are loud where you play please keep yourself on mute.

Skype can be run on your phone, your xbox (it runs in the background), your PC, your neighbor’s shoe, pretty much anywhere! And, ITS FREE. If you don’t have an account go get one and put your info on the spreadsheet so we can call you. Expect the call to start 30 min out from the race.