Welcome to your weekly Game Talk, where we aim to have an intelligent, down-to-earth discussion about driving games and simulations. Last week we had a lot of responses, awesome! It's either from me spontaneously becoming everyone's new best friend, or my question brought them back to their childhood. I'm thinking the latter, either way that's continue.

This week we will be talking about something nearly every game needs, immersion. Now, immersion can be defined as 'how deep you can get into it', or 'how involved are you'. Pure immersion would be forgetting that you are playing a game, mistaking it for real life.

This is all double true for racing and driving simulations and games. There is a massive focus on realism with these types of games. I mean, how many times do you get a chance to drive around in a Ferrari 360?

So this week the question is this; do games need more immersion, less immersion, or is it perfect the way it is?

Do you wish that the game to replicated real-life, where the joys and burdens of driving a car bless and plague you? Such as a head gasket blown? Pedestrians in the way as you illegally street race? Hitting the curb just right so your steering pulls to the left, forcing you to correct it for the remainder of the race? Or do you just want everything simplified so you can enjoy the racing experience and focus on the one thing that matters to you, winning. Or perhaps everything is perfect the way it is?


Let's hear your thoughts.