Rubbing is Racing

GREAT NEWS! Rallying finally returning to consoles.

OMG so psyched. You don’t even understand. Outside of like Forza Horizon 2 there’s been no rally racers this generation. And this thing has several pieces of awesome going for it:

  1. The Dirt brand: they haven’t produced crap yet. Pay no attention to the crap behind the curtain—Showdown was a fluke.
  2. They’ve promised a return to rally-centric action with hillclimbs being the only deviation. Perfect: it’s what everyone wanted anway.
  3. They pay attention. The locations? Wales, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Pike’s Peak. Well it’s a who’s-who list right off the bat. And the car list is ridiculous—it might be a little on the light side compared to some past titles, but all of the heavy hitters are there.
  4. Good physics, simplified tuning, touch of realism. You PC guys can tell me all about this I’m sure but I’m reading this: driving is tight; sliders for all major aspects of tuning; repair stations included; and Codemasters included the all-important cockpit view. I think. They’d better not drop it.

Guys, I’ve been hoping for literally a decade for a return to RalliSport Challenge 2, a game with all the basics and most of the details down. And this is gonna be it. I haven’t preordered a game in a few years, but I’m slapping my money down on this one.

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