So, I currently have a modded shifter (for more resistance, mind you), and I'm willing to modify it more. A new shift knob is a start, but I'll need help choosing which part to buy, and planning a no-click mod on the shifter as well, since the clicking got louder with the resistance mod.

If I ever mod my G25, it will be something like this, and I am open to suggestions for my project, keep in mind these are mostly cosmetic mods, and won't affect the wheel as much as rebuilding the shifter into something else, and are easily reversible:

I may bolt on a real aftermarket wheel (possibly a MOMO Tuner, the one the G25 is based off of, but this one is black, and has red stitching) I could also paint the screws to match. A new button will be needed, the "horn" button will be wired to the horn. With the new wheel, I will need a larger set of paddles if I want to use them, due to a larger diameter wheel.

A shift knob made out of either real leather, or a good quality metal, must have this shift pattern on top, and it must be a universal, to be installed easily:


The pedal springs should be swapped out for "better" ones with a progressive rate.