Mods for video games have existed for as long as games have been around, but the quantity of worthwhile mods for a lot of racing games nowadays appear to pale in comparison. How so? Are racing/driving games filling a niche?

Screenshot: Real Racing 3

As someone who enjoys realistic physics in games, this disappoints me in way. The only racing games that I've seen that have a boatload of mods are RFactor and Street Legal Racing: Redline. However, all hope isn't lost. Although the number of new driving-oriented games open to modding is currently limited, a few indie developers are willing to change that. Here's the lowdown on two new games and their respective developers.

Screenshot: Assetto Corsa Facebook Page

First off, Assetto Corsa, a racing simulation developed by Italian developer, Kunos Simulazioni, is currently an alpha release on Steam Early Access, and is extremely open on mods early on in development, even if the mod tools weren't released at the time of writing, (3D exporter tool is available starting 9th of June 2014). The simulator already has a few converted tracks, such as the Nurburgring Nordschliefe from RFactor as a mod, and will get a laserscanned version in the official release, along with the Ferrari LaFerrari being one of the cars added to the roster. More tracks, and even more cars will surely come with more tools being available, and publicity.


Screenshot: BeamNG

BeamNG.Drive is the fruit of the labour of a developer, and a few other major contributors porting the physics code from an open-source soft-body vehicle simulator, Rigs of Rods, to a new engine. The result is CRASHTASTIC!!! (is that even a word?!)

The game features a modular customization system, emphasized on separate parts attaching to a base frame, which allows for many options. It is also in an alpha state. Official release is not yet in sight.


These were two games currently in a pre-release state, with a lot of potential, I certainly do hope that more games follow this, especially "Triple A" games, regardless of what genre.

Know of any other game that allows modding? Let us know in the comments.