Rubbing is Racing

New cars, new liveries.

Hello sim racing, it’s your resident armchair livery designer, back at it again with those white Porsches. Aww yis. First off, we start with the 911 RSR.


The 911 RSR has a very timeless shape, and it looks even better in black which conceals the smiley face grille. Hey, at least it’s not GT3-R kawaii. Moving on to the holy grail.

As you can see, I made an Xbox green and Forza black edition of each. You can get them from the design menu free as always, but if I actually show up for the Sebring race I will be using one of these. Still, whichever I choose there can be three others. Teammate, perhaps? Anyway, the black 919 is my favorite of the designs.


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