My first ever onboard-recorded clip from Forza 5 (or any game for that matter). This is a particularly aggressive Drivatar (one of my friends who I can't wait to race with) trying to pass in a corner with four cars abreast. Forza is evolving nicely with its wacky Drivatars and other quirks that make it one of the only progressive racing game left for the time being.

Not sure exactly what makes Fiveza "click" more than its predecessors, but this vintage series was tons of fun, with infinitely adjustable assists and driver difficulty. I was already enjoying running this Ford Lotus Cortina 'round the track, but then this random collision came out of nowhere, a far cry from the "rubber band" system (i.e. AI that's been knocked out of its place will mercilessly ram its way back into line as if you aren't even there) that's plagued racers since Gran Turismo.