So, I earn half of my money by selling things on eBay. However, recently, my Paypal account got disabled. (it was a student account, which Paypal no longer offers. Instead of giving me the option to change it to a regular account, they just essentially bricked it.) This happened in the middle of two of my auctions, making the buyers unable to pay. I tried to fix it, but eventually ended up giving them both their items for free.
But anyway: I think I fixed it for real now, and I decided to test this by using something I got for free and don’t need to pay to ship: a code for the Forza 4 Pennzoil car pack. Being such an outdated game, though, I’m not sure anyone will take it through ordinary eBay traffic... So, if it’s not violating any rules, I’d like to link to it here.

Thanks a ton if you’re able to help me out here!