I've played enough to get to the point where I've gotten past the "honeymoon stage" and am now seeing some faults. (this is MY opinion, feel free to dis-agree, call me a noob, w/e else the internet does)

1: enemy's too hard/bosses to easy

seriously, when I can dump 100 shot gun rounds and only make 1/4 up the level, and then dump 30 rounds into the boss and win, you need to re-balance your guys

2: too few enemys.

one of the better things about BLD was the whole second wind thing. now, the enemies are so sparse, its almost pointless. so; more , easier enemies

3: accuracy

Snipers. they are literally a hit or miss. more so in non-scoped view. I would point blank a guy and the round to go 10 feet to the left. with a sniper. like come on.

4: The NPC's

ok, some of them are annoying for the shits and giggles of it (Mr torque, for instance. or the lesbian junkyard girl). But god dam, that little pickle guy? i wanted to ripped hsi tiny little head off every. time. he opened his mouth.
and EVERYONE speaks in an Australian accent. (nothing against our Australian fokes here) but christ,. its like the entire plant is Australia. (maybe Elipse is like Australia, all of the cons got moved there? ZING. oh that was bad, I'll see myself out now)

Jokes aside, for such a big budget game, you think they would have gotten more voice actors.

5: Story progression

Ive got about 5 hours into the game. I still havent gotten the 3rd gun slot, let alone the 4th. And gaining moonstones is completely random and in no way does it keep up the grow need for more ammo space.

6: shift keys

I got the code for 5 and didnt get any. dam it.

Over all, for a game that is pretty much just BLD2 with a different map, I'm...disappointed.