Nitronic Rush.

This game was released in 2012 as an indie game project.

The game is free to download from their site, this includes a story mode, arcade mode, hardcore mode and challenges. The game has 3 cars. 2 are playable from the start, The Interceptor you see in the top picture, and the Avenger:

This game features a special cameo from the Delorean from BTTF as playable car.

This game is advertised as a ''Survival racing game'', and features obstacles on the track that you have to avoid, while you are trying to get the fastest time. You have boost and thrusters on the side of your car. You can do stunts like a barrel roll or backflip to cool down your boost and stop it from overheating.

This game is a homage to the Tron, and features a similar artstyle.

I was sceptical at first when I noticed it was free, but this game really won me over. The soundtrack is good and fits the levels, the level design is great and challenging and the graphics are good. The gameplay however is really hard when you play with a keyboard. I recommend playing with a controller. (I use a PS3 controller)


The developers of this game started a kickstarter and steam greenlight to make their new game, Distance. Distance is going to be a similar game, but with better gameplay, graphics, multiplayer, and a diffrent artstyle.

I am pretty hyped for this game.

This is my first time posting on this blog, and I hope this is the kind of content you are looking for for this blog. Any advice and tips are appreciated. Also, question, is this log purely for sim racing?