Its coming around again ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of Oppo motorsport. That’s right, it’s the 2.4 Hours of LeMans, coming to you from the sunny Maine region of France.

Our glorious race director and BoP expert CoreyCC97 has given me the task of producing some Number boards and a nice shiny new badge for your cars. The details of which are below:

Prototype and GT specific vinyls are available.

There are Number Panels and a class designation sticker for each of the classes, Red for the Prototypes and Green for the GT’s as well as a new shield, specifically made for this event, for those that are trying to collect them all this season.

The Nissan GT-R sporting some fetching new stickers for its day trip to France


As with the Daytona edition vinyls. These will not be mandatory for your car in case of a storefront Vinyl being used. However for those of you making your own designs or returning with some of the old fan favourites from the 2016 Season, They are highly encouraged.

All layer groups are searchable in game via my gamertag: X Mr Plankton X (subject to change in the near future, post will be updated).

There is no set date for the race yet, and the BoP testing is very nearly complete. so now would be the best time to petition for a real LeMan start.