So last night we were trouble shooting connection issues during the race, and one of the solutions we came up with was running a very long CAT-5 cable through someone’s house. I can’t remember who it was. But I’m sure many of the people around here who live in apartments or rented houses can use some help with their home network or lack of home network. I present you two solutions.

1. The cheaper solution. 100ft | 150ft | 200ft
Run it through your house/apartment on the floor. Its tacky looking but you can always roll it back up if you have someone you need to impress. I always used to just tack it to the base boards to keep it out of the way.

2. I have a wife. Having a wife means no more running non-hidden cable through the house. So I present the slightly more expensive route.
This device uses the electrical network in your house to act as the network wire. It works pretty well. We have one powering our living room entertainment center since the network hardware is in my office 2 feet from my Xbox. This won’t give you the ping numbers a normal wired connection will give you but its as close as you can get. It will for sure be better than almost every Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi is what I would peg most of yall’s (yes Texas yall) connection issues to.

Anyway, I thought these two tips might help someone. It should be noted you can add additional modules to the TP-Link. How many? I’m not sure, but you could find that out and split the cost with roommates?