Season 4 of P/C/D/C, the second week and second race of the Formula Gulf 1000 cup. Grid order is reverse of the finishing order from the first race. I’m sitting P10 at the end of the formation lap, tires slightly warm and brakes cold.

Mash the go pedal as we cross the start/finish at 100kph and hope for the best. A bit of lock up as I avoid some cars; others are still adjusting to the new tire model and I think 2 cars spin in front of me. Everyone is jostling for positions as I’m chasing ptopman (1 of 3 north american players in this league) with logger closing behind quickly.

Four-way battle for P5/P6 as we race past horseshoe, after which ptopman goes off track. I keep all the way to drivers right hoping that he yields but nope he turns into me as Logger passes and we touch wheels. The impact sends my car veering to the right, collecting the guy behind me. I then drop to P16 where I would remain for the remainder of the race, finishing P14 after 14 laps.

But at the end of the day I’m not too mad. I really enjoy racing with this bunch and shit happens, you learn from your mistakes or rather learn how to read others and try your luck at avoiding them. Still looking forward to coming back next week to race with these guys.

Edit: looking back, I probably wasnt as far right as I thought I was. I was looking in my mirrors to see where Logger and Extrovert went and I guess I wasn’t ready for him to swerve so quickly.