Yup, it’s finally here! While I’m sure the majority of the community would have rather preferred either more modern tracks (cough Mosport cough Circuit Gilles Villeneuve cough) or ovals, the fact that there is even a track pack to begin with shows that SMS is slowly moving in the right direction (although they did release Ruapuna with the Audi pack, and Mojave with the Aston pack). These historic, or classic, layouts of famous racetracks from years past have been in development since the alpha/beta days but are much more polished in their current form.

Included are the now defunct Rouen Les Essarts track in France, the classic Silverstone GP track from 1975, Hockenheimring from pre-2002, and the ancient Spa layout (aka Belgium Forest Historic) where the only recognizable parts are La Source, Eau Rouge, and Raidillon.

Much like the previous expansions, SMS have also paired the tracks with a set of cars - this time, fitting according to the time period. This Classic Lotus-centric expansion features four paid cars (Type 25 Climax, Type 38 Ford, Type 40 Ford, Type 51) as well as this month’s free car being the Type 49C Cosworth. I will be supplementing the Caterham SP/300.R for some of my testing, in addition to the newer Spa layout for hot laps.

I will be working on videos when the DLC becomes available, as it is not yet on the Steam storefront but it is out for both XB1 and PS4 at the time of writing. Expect an update here later in the day!

Oh, and AMD dropped the new Crimson software today - definitely worth checking out if you do run either an AMD CPU or Radeon graphics, as they bring slightly updated optimizations to pCars - at the very least, the interface is better than Raptr. The current build is based off of Catalyst 15.11 but is available for download on both x32 and x64 bit versions of W7 through W10.