Rubbing is Racing
Rubbing is Racing

Petit Le Mans FM6 Send off - Sunday September 24th at 5pm EDT

This is your friendly reminder that this is in fact still a thing. We really have had some of our best races here at Road Atlanta (looking at RIGTC RA race) and I do not expect this one to be any different. Three classes could be interesting but should be fun nonetheless. For those who have asked, I do not expect the class gap to be particularly large between the GT classes. There should be some all though it is possible for a well driven GTD Car to be faster than a GTLM. This is pretty accurate to current IMSA regs anyway. So far entries are even between the GT classes. Proto entries are a little light but are at a high level of skill and that is okay. This should provide some entertainment for you all watching me get my ass kicked by the likes of Chair, General TSO and Motorhead. The entry list is here. I am still hoping for more though. You can sign up here If someone really wants, I will take one Pace car.

I am making updates to the Prototype builds based on additional testing information. I’ll have that done by this weekend so you still have a week to test. Please post this anywhere you feel appropriate.


Lastly, we are basically confirmed at 3 hours based on voting. This will be a long race but should be a good one. Due to the increased length of race, cautions will be altered ever so slightly. I will adopt the idea of Quicky cautions and regular length ones. Pits will not close on full cautions, (normal procedure) wave arounds will be allowed following this procedure. It is a short track so the field will form up as it reaches the Pace car or Prototype leader, after either pitting or staying out. Once the field has formed up, wave arounds will commence for cars a lap down or on the lead lap but in front of the leader in their class. Pits will close on Quicky cautions to everyone except damaged cars. If you need “emergency” service and pit during this procedure, I.E. out of gas you will have to turn into the pits on the restart whether or not you catch the pack. This procedure is designed to last 1 lap if the cars involved are undamaged or 2 laps if they are. Its harsh but the pack will not wait for everyone to catch up on the Quicky cautions are meant to be quick. They will be initiated in similar circumstances to IMSA rules. In the first 15 minutes of the race, the last 15 minutes (cautions off at 5 minutes to go) or within 15 minutes of a prior caution.

I write all of that, but I am really hoping not to use any of it. We had an amazing run in RIGTC with over 2 hours of green flag running (almost ruined by me nearly killing my car in a solo incident, really wanted to caution to get my lap back). I think that is very possible again. There are no points on the line and even though we are all competitive, at the end of the day it is just supposed to be fun, although if oppo endurance is any indication, Ill do something crazy/stupid and pull it off any way. Good Luck to all and I cannot wait!!!

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